Remove the guesswork from your day trading

Step-by-step instructions for earning profits like an institutional trader

Jordan Schneir

“David’s course helped me as a beginner learn exceptionally profitable techniques that gave me a clear understanding of how markets actually work.”

Gap Trading

  • 2-4 trades a day
  • Quick profit
  • Manageable for busy people

Institutional Trading Secrets

  • Identify market reversals before they happen
  • Stop guessing on entries and exits
  • Full-time income potential

My name is David Frost.

In over 2 decades of a professional trading, I’ve made every mistake in the book and learned from the school of hard knocks.

I know what it feels like to lose on a trade, then miss out on the next one for fear of losing even more money.

But through relentless study and practice, I’ve identified chart patterns that repeat all day, every day. Learning to leverage those patterns changed everything. 

Now I’m paying it forward and helping as many traders as possible to get the results they desire and dream about.

My students now have the confidence and expertise to create viable revenue streams the rest of their lives.

Got questions?

No question goes unanswered.
If you’re not sure how to break the pattern of up-and-down trading success, please email me your questions and I will personally respond to you.

Here are some frequent questions I get asked…

I’ve been duped before by so called “experts.” How do I know this is legit?

I could go on and on about my experience on Wall Street, but I measure the worthiness of a teacher by the SUCCESS of his students.

Most of my students see an ROI within days. Need proof? Go here to hear it straight from them.

“I’m not ready to trade with real money yet. What should I do?”

You’re not alone. Some of my most successful students joined my courses BEFORE they were ready to start trading with their own capital. I believe in proving the concept in a simulated environment to boost your confidence and hone your skills.

“I’ve bought too many courses. How is this different?”

I’ve seen a lot of trading courses where the instructor is not really involved, he’s off on an island somewhere enjoying the “passive income life.” 

But I got into this because I genuinely love working with my traders—answering their questions personally and seeing them through to success. Hear some of their experiences here.