Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm David Frost and I want you to hear my story and understand why I created this business.

I worked on Wall Street for over 20 years.  During that time I was exposed to many different facets of the financial industry such as investment banking, trading operations and portfolio management.

Bulls and bears.  Bubbles, crashes and crisis.  I've managed money and traded successfully through them all.

Without going into the painful details to explain the inner workings of the large banks and brokerage firms, let's agree they are out for themselves and the price of their own stock, not yours.

I was fortunate enough to work in areas that exposed me to the operational side of the markets.  For me, it not only opened up an entirely new world, but over the years I became increasingly aware and frustrated that the individual investor acting alone or even with the help of a licensed professional - stood virtually no chance.

While I was learning how to exploit the markets to make the banks or brokerage firms consistent profit, you can't help but understand those profits were generally coming at the expense of a less savvy, less aware person - the individual investor.

For a time, I managed assets for a hedge fund.  Despite conventional wisdom, it became apparent that many of my colleagues didn't know any more about the markets than anyone else.  They are smart, but they are no smarter than you.

They are masters of perception and gathering assets.

The majority of hedge funds under perform the S&P 500, in bull and bear markets.

I've accumulated a vasts amount of information and have developed a process with a high probability of success in forecasting price movements, trading the markets and making money.

The next phase of my life is dedicated to teaching and providing this valuable information to anyone with a desire to learn.

Warmest regards,