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Election Day Markets Nervous

With the election upon us today the markets went back and forth on light volume. It’s apparent that the market wants to see an outcome before either resuming the uptrend, or turning back down. The gold market was rather quiet today but the crude oil market took another dive on the way to my target […]

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Back To Back Reversal Days

The one day wonder reversal day yesterday where the Federal Reserve was given most of the credit for the rally is simply vaporized today. Where was the Fed? Today it was everything from Ebola to comments by Mario Draghi in Europe to the global economy and so on. Whatever they can find to place blame […]

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Heavy Market Falls All Day Long

It was a nice blood bath today in the stock market.  The selling was large and often as compared to the norm. The bond market rallied as expected on a day like today. Gold didn’t do much, mainly finished undecided at best. Oil was down hard in the afternoon and now sits at $88 and […]

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