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Sleeper Market About To Wake Up

Under normal circumstances, tomorrow – Wednesday November 12, 2014 should mark a turn day in the stock market. Of course there are no guarantees, and if you’ve been watching these light volume markets float higher over the last several days, it may be hard to believe. There still may be some unfinished business to achieve […]

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And The Band Plays On

The stock market continues to grind higher on light volume and buyers willing to buy higher. This too will end, but the market can always over shoot on both the up and down side. Right now the line in the sand will be the most recent breakout point in the SPY.  This means that if […]

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When Is Volatility Coming Back?

The election is over. The market had a relief rally following the election. The ECB is providing us with their announcement Thursday. There’s a phony jobs number on Friday. What does all this mean? Nothing.  Expect the market to begin to correct and volatility to pick up anytime between now and early next week. Whoever […]

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Another Predictable Fed Day

As discussed, following the Federal Reserve policy statement today the markets did their thing.  Up, down, back and forth. They finished down a little, but close enough to call it a flat day. The market is due for a short term correction to work off some of the over bought condition and that may have […]

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What Is Pushing This Market Down?

Pick one. Europe,Ebola, ISIS, and any number of other issues one chooses to attach to this stock market decline. You see, the news is mainly the same as it was just one month ago.  Europe was struggling but then was a buying opportunity, Ebola was an issue, but we didn’t have it here, now we […]

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